Fast track your training with this 12-week boot camp.

Learn everything you need to run a successful business from marketing and sales to operations and finance.  An excellent way to learn with the synergy, idea sharing and accountability of others.

12 Week Course Covering

  1. Sophisticated Production Tracking and Prediction
  2. Lead Tracking Systems
  3. Referral Partnership Value Propositions
  4. Sales/Presentation Skills
  5. Pipeline Management
  6. Modern Loan Processes
  7. Marketing and Social Media
  8. Time Management
  9. Website/Branding
  10. Finance
  11. Mindset and Behaviors
  12. Team Building

How It Works

  • 45 minute weekly conference call via GoToMeeting (both phone and screen share).
  • All attendees will be graded on attendance and assignment completion to maximize ROI.
  • 5 person maximum so space is limited



"Anyone in the mortgage business or planning on getting into it needs to consider taking this boot camp! For being a group coaching it is incredibly tailored to each individual and my only regret is not finding this or something like it 13 years ago. Khai goes over database and time management (that actually works), sales techniques, team building, branding and a ton more all backed by REAL SCIENCE THAT WORKS!!! To say that the fee for this coaching will come back to you at least 10 times in just the first year after implementing half of what he covers would be an understatement. Thanks again Khai!' - Joe Feinhandler, Loan Officer, First Priority