Our story

All our coaches are loan officers with a remarkable record of success. Many have gone through our program themselves.

Our history

Before starting KMPC, Khai McBride was a loan officer for 11 years. He learned that you can be great at sales and still limited in the number of loans you can close in a given month because of the time it takes to close each loan. Through his own experience and that of his mentors, Khai McBride created a step-by-step method for loan officers to gain the efficiencies in operations, systems and teams to increase production without increasing working hours. 

What started as a desire to give back to the community has evolved over more than a decade into the KMPC Signature Program. This program focuses on alleviating the pain points that keep loan officers from reaching the next level, and is targeted to loan officers needs at three distinct levels. 

Working With You

Most coaching in our niche is one-on-one. KMPC offers a hybrid format of group training, private sessions and special events and webinars. We are the only company in this niche that focuses on the operations and systems needed to sustain growth.

Personal Assessment

We assess your level and needs through questionnaires and interviews.

Targeted Curriculum

We structure the curriculum you need to address your pain points.

Group Training

We group you with others at your level to set the pace and encourage healthy competition.

Private Training

We support you with private training sessions with Khai McBride, scheduled at your discretion.

Transition Tactics

We teach you what to do to get to the next level without sacrificing your weekends and vacations.

Mindset Training

We help change mindset to foster entrepreneurial decision-making and buy-in among your team.

Our programs are tailored to the needs of mortgage originators at all levels.

Our Promise

Every successful person in life has some type of mentor. Whether it’s a parent, teacher, boss, author, or coach. They accelerate your success by providing you the blueprint, giving you the mental push, and keeping you accountable. Your only job is to commit to the work. Find a mentor, commit to the work, and you’ll see results. It’s really that simple. In the end, I’m not here to only show you strategies, I’m here to make sure you win.

—Khai McBride

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