It's not just about leads. It's about having a better business model.

Growing your mortgage business is not as simple as creating more leads and referral partners. As loan volume increases, you run into capacity and time issues because you’re responsible for both lead gen and closing your loans. This  is why so many loan officers struggle with growth.

We specialize in coaching mortgage professionals to the next level. — without losing their sanity.

The KMPC difference

Most mortgage coaching companies focus exclusively on increasing production. KMPC is the only mortgage coaching company whose primary focus is empowering loan officers to grow capacity. without increasing working hours by leveraging systems, team, and technology. Here’s how:

We increase capacity by removing bottlenecks in operations.

We increase profitability and hourly rate.

We reduce working hours and availability.

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We help create long term vision and goals.

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We reduce stress and burnout.

We eliminate growth frustrations by providing a path forward.

New mindset, New Results

Growing your business requires you to change the way you think about yourself and your business, as well as the way you plan for your future.

A winning mindset permeates all aspects of your life. It starts from the moment you wake up; It becomes part of who you are.

In our Signature Program, loan originators at all levels learn what it means to have an entrepreneurial mindset and the positive effects it can have on their life and work.

It's not magic.
It's mentorship.

Every successful person in life has some type of mentor. Whether it’s a parent, teacher, boss, author, or coach. They accelerate your success by providing you the blueprint, giving you the mental push, and keeping you accountable. Your only job is to commit to the work. Find a mentor, commit to the work, and you’ll see results. It’s really that simple. In the end, I’m not here to only show you strategies, I’m here to make sure you win."
—Khai McBride

What business stage are you in?

When you know where you stand, you can attack your business in the proper sequence and with the correct strategies.

Level 1

1-7 units
Solo Loan Officer



Consistent Leads
Sales Skills

Level 2

8-14 units
1 Team Member



Mostly Consistent Leads
Small Team


Marketing Boost
Time Management
Team Growth

Level 3

15-25 units
2-4 Team Members



Strong Marketing
Consistent Leads
Med/Large Team
Basic Systems
Basic Technology


Advanced Technology
Team Efficiency

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