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Integrated Suite

Our Coaching Academy offers a comprehensive, integrated suite of learning opportunities. We provide the best combination of collaborative learning environment and personal attention to maximize growth, along with timely trainings and events to expand your horizons. Together, we work on strategies, mindset and structure for your business, and define the path forward. 

The Coaching Academy is tailored to the needs of loan officers at 3 distinct levels. 


Mastermind Coaching Groups

Every client is assigned to a mastermind group of 5-7 a similar production levels who you meet with bi-weekly via video conference led by one of our coaches.

In this workshop format, the focus is learning to implement:

  • Modern Marketing/Sales Funnel
  • Process Systems
  • Team Building

The group approach encourages collaboration and idea sharing while providing a higher level of motivation and accountability.

Daily Ideas + Accountability

All groups are assigned to a group chat where daily ideas are dispersed by the coaches and other groups members to inspire, motivate, and keep clients accountable for implementing. This is also a resource for any questions and support needed in your coaching journey.

Private Sessions + Technology Coach

All coaches are available for private sessions to work with you personally on areas you're stuck on or to address unique situations.

TECHNOLOGY COACH - With technology being a key requirement in our business, KMPC is proud to be the only coaching company with a specialized technology coach to meet your innovation needs. Whether you are learning a new technology, need help applying it in your business, or need assistance customizing it, we can assist you every step of the way.

Weekly Workshops + Leadership

One of the most challenging things about coaching programs, is will you implement in the two weeks in between coaching sessions? Especially when it comes to modernizing your practice, implementing new technology can be difficult and intimidating. To help with this issue, we have weekly workshops where together as a group, we will walk you step-by-step through implementing many of the concepts we discuss in coaching. In addition, about once a month, we discuss new industry trends and provide direction on how to navigate upcoming markets.

Online Membership + Private Community Group

You will have access to our online membership of trainings, courses, and EXCLUSIVE partner trainings.

In addition, you will be part of our private online community to ask questions and share success strategies/samples with hundreds of successful clients that are in our program

Live Meetups

Every year, we hold meetups at different locations where we come together to share ideas and get away from our normal lives to encourage growth and camaraderie. (additional fee may apply)

pricing & inclusions for our

Academy Memberships

1-2 units/mo.


Creating consistent business
(sales, marketing, time management)
$ 800 per month
    Personal structure / time management
    Marketing System
    Modern sales techniques
    Database management
    Social Media & Branding

  • Weekly group coaching and accountability
  • On-demand private sessions
  • Weekly workshops and WhatsApp collaboration
  • Online training library, courses, and community

3-9 units/mo.
0-1 team member


Marketing, systems/processes & team Building
$ 1400 per month
    Systems for predictability & growth
    Team building
    Modern marketing & sales systems
    Hiring & management practices
    Establish a CRM
    Technology & automation

  • Weekly group coaching and accountability
  • On-demand private sessions
  • Team coaching
  • Weekly workshops and WhatsApp collaboration
  • Online training library, courses, and community

10+ units/mo.
2+ team members


Leveraging teams & technology, Leadership, Expansion
$ 2,000 per month
    Advanced modern marketing and sales
    Advanced team systems
    Leadership & team management
    Brand awareness & presentation
    Advanced CRM

  • Bi-weekly mastermind
  • Bi-weekly private session
  • Team coaching
  • Weekly Workshops and WhatsApp collaboration
  • Exclusive Elite Retreats
  • Online training library, courses, and community

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Success isn’t just about finding the best coach, but rather, the best coaching program for you. 

We encourage you watch our signature webinar “Evolve or Die: How to Survive and Dominate the New Mortgage World”

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Starter option

As an economical alternative to our fully featured Coaching Academy, KMPC offers a starter program with LIVE bi-weekly training webinar and an online membership giving you access to our extensive training library.

Coaching Starter Program

$300 per month

With this option, you get access to:

  • Bi-weekly group coaching
  • Modern Originator course
  • Technical workshops
  • Access to our 200+ training video and document library
  • Member community
  • EXCLUSIVE partner trainings